Geocoding Supported?

Hi. I m planning to create a mobile app which allows user to search for a location and once location selected will update a map with the latest location

It will require geocoding capability to convert the selected address to lat long. Hence, is geocoding supported by expo? I don’t see geocoding listed on d docs. If yes, which module should I refer?

Thanks for advice

There you go: :slight_smile:

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For my project, I m trying to build an Uber clone which has a search box which allows the user to select a location from the suggested list. Once d user selects his location, the map will then point to the location with a marker. Will that be possible with expo? I did some research and understand it can be done with react native google places but this will require me to touch native code. I’m considering using react native google places autosuggestion with expo geocoding but not sure if these combo will work and can build what I need. Thanks

Hey @myhendry,

You can use this library ( without making any native code changes. Should give you all the functionality you need without having to detach your Expo project and worry about any native code configuration.




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