Location and Geocoding - Refining search results.

Hey, I’m about to implement location into my app and I’m after some advice about how to handle geocoding.

Users will be able to refine search results based on distance and I will be using the latlng points to calculate this. I know I can treat the latlng points as 2D vectors, then do the calculations to work out the distance using pythag theorem on the difference. However, I wondered whether there is a built in method to work this out.

The other issue I’m having is the Geocoding aspect of it, with regards to converting a postcode to the latlng points I require. the docs state that this is a resource heavy method. In what sense is this resource heavy?

Sorry if I’m a little unclear with what I’m asking, Thanks

Refining of search results beyond a simple scale sounds like something you should be doing on the server side, perhaps using a database with geospatial indexing. So that would be outside the scope of Expo (for your client) itself.

You can find more information about the resource intensiveness here:

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