Generate shell-app.bundle without publishing


I’ve detached my expo app using ExpoKit with expo eject.
Is it possible to generate the shell-app.bundle without publishing it to the expo server ?
The only way I’ve found so far is to run expo publish but that publishes the app.
Thanks for any help


Yes, you can, using the expo export command:

The /dist/bundles/ios-{hash}.js then needs renamed, and copied to shell-app.bundle

Can I use the expo export and copy the generated js bundle over shell-app.bundle ? This way I won’t have to expo publish.
Basically I need to generate all the assets and never fetch them either from Expo or private servers.

This sounds very similar to an issue we’re having. To save repeating, the posts are here:

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Yes, I ended up doing something similar. The problem is that when it’s detached it’s no longer possible to generate the shell-app.bundle unless publishing.

Hi @daniel, what the name should ios-{hash}.js renamed to ? and how can I copy the file into shell-app.bundle ? I can not open the bundle file.

The shell-app.bundle is just a JavaScript file, with a .bundle extension instead of .js.

Rename it, and copy it into the same location as shell-app.bundle so it replaces it.

Thank you very much! @daniel. My app was launched successfully in offline mode! As your another post said, my images assets were also failed to load. I have to bundle them into the app.