self-hosting without publish when expo detached(ejected) standalone app

Detached expo app must run expo publish before building standalone app then able to run expo export.

But expo publish asking user login, its not necessary to publish js bundle to expo when user just wanna release it for Hosting An App on Your Servers. Is there any way to skip login expo platform’s distributing service? or still fulfill js bundle self-hosting without publishing it?

See more: Hosting An App on Your Servers

I found that likely issue:

Any solutions found to use expo export with expokit project.

I have posted a question Expo's call to initial url taking too much time to respond. No help received yet. The doc also refers to the expo app where you use the expo build command.

I need to understand where exactly in the expokit app the published url needs to be changed.

Please help, My production app opens very slowly in a slow internet connection.