Fullscreen encountered an error: video is not loaded

So I have a basic app, when loading on the video page you’re presented with a view that says ‘Turn your device horizontally to begin animation’. If you then rotate your device it loads the video in full screen mode.

I’ve included the full app on a snack here: daisi-app-test - Snack

This works as expected on Android, but fails on iOS with the message:

Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 0): 
Error: Fullscreen encountered an error: video is not loaded.

Strangely after a few seconds the sound from the video is played, there’s just no visuals.

Any ideas where I’ve gone wrong?

More testing. This only happens when using presentFullscreenPlayer(). If I just set the properties of the video width and height to be full screen it works as expected.

Hi @hma - from a look at the code, it looks like you need to wait until the video has started to load its source before calling presentFullscreenPlayer(). Have you tried using onPlaybackStatusUpdate to wait until the video has loaded before calling this method?

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