Video - onFullscreenUpdate only works with manual fullscreen calls

Hey folks,

We are trying to implement the Video component and ran into something that I think is very confusing with the SDK. explains that onFullscreenUpdate is called whenever the state of the native iOS fullscreen view changes; however, this function is NOT called if the fullscreen state is changed via the native controls. Instead, you must implement a button and manually implement presentFullscreenPlayer() and dismissFullscreenPlayer() in order to have that callback fired. Obviously, this is not ideal in all cases, and in our situation, we simply want to use native controls but execute an action whenever the fullscreen state is changed.

Is there a way to latch on to that information without a manual fullscreen button? It doesn’t seem like onPlaybackStatusUpdate provides any info about fullscreen state.


I have got the same issue on iOS with SDK 25

Thanks for posting that! I’ll address it in :slight_smile:

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@sjchmiela You guys rock! Thank you for the speedy fix :slight_smile:

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