firestore not working with expo

I wanna use firestore with my react native expo app.
I followed the documentation and run “expo add firebase” .
I added the google files to my app.json
for both android and ios and i initialized the app

but whenever i want to access a collection or the sign in methods it doesn’t work
const response = await Firebase.auth().createUserWithEmailAndPassword(, values.password.value)
response return nothing and if i use .then() and log the data also the log doesn’t show. nothing happens
but if i log firebase.auth() i get an object with my app id and api key etc …
Please help ! why is this happening i can’t find anything and i really need to solve this issue

post to firebase issues if you think you have found a bug in firebase. we don’t do anything special here

use this > import firebase from ‘firebase’;
rather than > import * as firebase from ‘firebase’;

worked for me

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