fetch not working as expected


The fetch request seems to return empty data when used in web and erroneous data when used in android or iOS. I just need it to work in web. I currently get it displaying empty jsons although I did manage to have it work once but couldn’t replicate it.

It should be displaying this:

I’m taking part in an online course CS50M and part of this is for my project.

Hi Patrick! Thanks for the example. It looks like you are returning a Promise from getSearchResults (it’s an async method) :smile: This means you also have to wait for the promise to resolve in componentDidMount. I made a little demo how to do such things with React’s state.

Hope it helps :smile:

Thank you, I managed to fix the problem. I think you’re right about my bad use of async.

Another issue I ran into was using http instead of https. Even though the request in a regular browser works fine with http, it doesn’t always work with snack.

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