Failure message says to "clear cache" on the build page - where is option???

I get this message from a build failure:

Build failed: Compatible versions of some pods could not be resolved.
You are seeing this error because either:
  - Versions in the cached Podfile.lock do not match required values in Podspecs of some installed libraries. To fix this, you can re-run build command with "--clear-cache" option, or select "Clear cache and retry build" on the build page.
  - Some of the pods used in your project depend on different versions of the same pod. See logs for more information.

I’m looking for the “Clear cache and retry build” option on the EAS build page, but I’m not seeing it. Is there something I’m missing? How can I clear the cache from the web UI?



You can only clear cache when running build, retrying is only available for some time after failed build, so if you are not seeing it, probably that build is too old.

You need to start a new build with --clear-cache option.

Ah, thank you! I see it now.

UX suggestion - perhaps have the menu item visible, but disabled? Having it disappear entirely is pretty confusing!