failed to connect to cloudfront

I get cloudfront connection errors reported every so often, but this one was rather interesting:

Error: Failed to connect to

In particular, the path doesn’t seem like something that should be accessed. The ip in the path is a cloudfront ip but is not the ip for that particular domain. The error surfaced about 8 seconds after the manifest was logged, and there did not appear to be any other activity. I do run a cacheAssetsAsync on app load so is it possible the location of an asset was tagged incorrectly, causing it to error out when loading?

The particular user was on Android 19, expokit sdk 24. I have since upgraded to sdk 27 but this user had not updated yet

Hi @alxyuu1 – that does seem odd, but unfortunately it’s going to be pretty hard for us to have a shot at diagnosing with just a one-off error message. If you can find a reliable repro case, definitely let us know. (e.g. does this happen consistently for any particular phone model/android OS version?)

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