Facebook LogIn doesn’t redirect back to app using Native FB App on iOS

Hi There,

I’m following the instructions here https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/facebook to setup a simple Facebook authentication flow.

All works fine when using the option to “Log In with Phone Number or Email Address”. This option keeps you in the webview so makes sense.

But there is the option to “Log In with the Facebook App” which authenticates fine, but does NOT redirect you back to the Expo app afterwards. All you see if a blank FB page with the blue bar at the top and option to “Cancel”. When you go back to the Expo app manually you are not logged in.

I am using SDK31 and have correctly setup app.json with the facebookScheme, AppId and DisplayName.

The point is it was working perfectly fine until I updated the expo SDK version from 30 to 31.

Can you guys please help!


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