Expokit standalone bundle

I have ejected my app to use Expokit

I realized that all the Expo features like barcode scanner, facebook… are still available to use in my ejected app with Expokit

however, when i bundle my app into a standalone app, does that mean all those additional expo features will also be bundled together? i only need webrtc hence i ejected my app since expo currently doesn’t support webrtc yet. I don’t need barcode scanner or other additional expo features

if those features are bundled together when building a standalone app, i’m concerned my build size will be very big

I am thinking if to go the native route or with expokit hence im researching on the above

thanks for reading and advising. tq

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: currently all Expo SDK features are bundled together in one big library. We are in the process of separating these in, what we are calling them, universal modules. These could be opted out from Expo or used in vanilla React Native project. If you find this interesting, you can find more info in @sjchmiela’s - one of Expo team members - talk: Stanisław Chmiela - Chopping Expo up into universal modules to take over the world - YouTube

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