ExpoKit Deprecation

Hi everyone! With the release of SDK 37 :tada: :tada: , we announced that ExpoKit is officially deprecated in favor of the Bare workflow. Our last ExpoKit update will be with SDK 38.0.0, after which we’ll focus solely on supporting and improving the Bare and Managed workflows. So, don’t use ExpoKit for any projects; use the Bare workflow instead. Your experience in the Bare workflow will be better, easier to maintain, and allow you to make any modification to your application that you want.

And when you have the time, migrate your existing projects that use ExpoKit to the Bare workflow. The blog post describes the best way to migrate your ExpoKit project to the Bare workflow, but I wanted to pin this thread so that folks can ask questions about this, or share any roadblocks they hit while migrating, and get some help :smile:

Thanks everyone! We hope you’re as excited about this transition as we are!

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I think your first link should have been this :slight_smile:

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edited, thank you! :smile:

Hello, just found this post after posting a new thread
I have a question on migration: Would local data maintain after updating from ExpoKit to bare workflow

Since I experienced local data lost before from copying one ExpoKit js source to another one ejected expo root folder(I am not sure it is related the change of secure store api), I am quite concerned about it as all users may logout if local data lost happens.