expo eject in SDK 37 it would be Expokit or Bare?

i update my apps to SDK 37 from SDK 34 as expokit.
what i do is un-eject my apps and update as manage workflow.
after that i eject in SDK 37 and there was no option at all (expokit or bare).

in Eject doc it is said that it would be Expokit
but i got confused when i get some warning message,
Linking.makeUrl is not supported in bare workflow

my first question, in SDK 34 i can used this in Expokit. can i used this in SDK 37 as Expokit?

my second question, which workflow is my app?
Expokit or Bare?
because the warning message is written “bare”

ok what i found now,

  1. there is no expokit module in package.json
    so no expokit in our node_modules

  2. there is no sdkVersion in app.json.
    When we want to upgrade in expokit we have to increase this version, now is gone

  3. React-native run-android works
    i used to work with expokit project (SDK 32-34), as far as i remember this command not work in expokit

my conclusion now, Expo eject in SDK 37 is would be bare workflow.
can anyone confirm it???

And if its true,
this got me, i frustrated many guides for expokit not works.
yeah… the documentation MUST be updated.
“Ejecting to ExpoKit” is misleading, very misleading.


oooooooh, if we read all Doc menu list there is 2 about eject:
Ejecting to Bare Workflow
Ejecting from Managed Workflow

it contain 99% same content.
And this confirm my conclusion above was correct.

But, what led me misleaded is “search the documentation” in top right.
If we type “eject”, the top result is “Ejecting to ExpoKit”.

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