Expokit and facebook sdk

I need to install facebook’s sdk package, because we would like to receive some events from android which Expo was not firing. My concern is getting duplicate events in the cases where it was working. Should I uninstall Expo’s implementation? If so, how should I procede?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @gaboleskul,

I think it would be best to remove it to avoid possible redundancies.


@adamjnav how can a core package like FBSDK be removed from Expokit? I’ve wanted to do this a couple of times (for fbsdk and rnsvg, mainly), but haven’t found any documented way to do it.


Hey @buishi,

Take a look here! https://docs.expo.io/versions/v32.0.0/expokit/universal-modules-and-expokit/


@adamjnav so is my interpretation correct that FBSDK and RNSVG (my examples) cannot be omitted, since they are not currently unimodules?

Does ExpoKit already come with FBSDK (for basic events like “App Launched”), so there is no need to additionally include react-native-fbsdk, or is it still required`?