Question about FBSDKLoginKit after detaching

Hey all,
So as I continue perilous journey in Detach land. I find myself needing to use the Facebook SDK login button for making use of the native Facebook mobile app for logging in. But as you can see the directions Facebook suggests doesn’t really work with the detached state of an Expo app.

Does the FBSDKLoginKit installed via Cocoapods to a detached Expo is suffice enough to recreate the LoginButton component from Facebook? Or does one need to do additional steps to get this working?

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Yeah you can install FBSDK as a cocoapod into a detached Expo project. It’s though a nightmare because FBSDK changes all the time. I think I actually screamed when trying it - can’t remember though it’s all a blur :scream:Also I remember having to clear my derived data a lot.
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Yeah I did that already since it was included in the docs to do a pod install. So hold the phone here…does that I don’t have to do react-native install react-native-fbsdk react-native link react-native-fbsdk anymore to get the native facebook login button working??

@jamongkad can you provide some more information about what’s breaking when trying to react-native link in the detached project? IIRC we did a bunch of work to make RN link compatible with the Cocoapods project that a detached Expo project creates.

After doing react-native link react-native-fbsdk, I open payondelivery.xcworkspace and see this error. 48%20PM

Has anybody here running into the same problem as me? Hope to get your thoughts!

Am I the only one going through this problem?

Hey @jamongkad,

Take a look at these docs:



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