Expokit 34: Fail to import app to Google Play Console, invalid signature

I have an issue when I try to import my signed Android bundle to the Google Play Console to distribute the app.

I get this error:

Failed to import.
You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle with invalid or missing signing information for some of its files.

The issue appear when I add this dependency in the app build gradle. :

implementation 'com.stripe:stripe-android:10.2.1'

The issue with this dependency appear only with a expokit project. (Expo 34)

If I use a react-native init project there are no issue.

Has anyone ever had an error to upload the app to Google Play Console after added a dependency ?

Any idea to solve this issue ? I think there are something in the expokit configuration project that causing this fail.

You can easily reproduce this bug :
1/ Eject a expo project (sdk 34)
2/ Add implementation 'com.stripe:stripe-android:10.2.1'
3/ Generate a signed APK
4/ Try to upload the APK to Google Play Console

Thank you for your help !