EXPO-ReactNative: I can't update my PlayStore App, problems with fingerprint certificate

  1. Versión SDK: 45
  2. Platforms: Android

Goodnight everyone. I am very new to creating mobile applications. I learned and developed an application in React Native with Expo (which is a platform that helps to develop applications more easily). So following the tutorials run this command “expo build:android” in the terminal where the project is located and choose “.aab bundle” to upload it to PlayStore, just run that command and I thought that according to the tutorial it would be enough to have the application ready to upload it to the store, up to this point everything went well, but I wanted to do an update of the application so following the same steps I created “app-bundle” and uploaded it but I get this message “Your Android App Bundle is signed with wrong key. Make sure it is signed with the proper signing key and try again. The App Bundle is expected to be signed with the certificate that contains the thumbprint” , here it is because I don’t know how to do it with Expo because it is the way I understand to fix the Fingerprint problem. I entered my PlayStore account and went to “Integrity of the app” where I downloaded the “Certificate of upload key” but I don’t know how to add it to my Expo project, if someone knows if there is any command to indicate when executing “expo build :android” that you must add this certificate that I downloaded to generate the “app-bundle” would be very kind. I speak Spanish, that’s why I used the Translator, I hope you understand me. Last data: I don’t know how to use AndroidStudio, only EXPO (ReactNative).

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