Expo XDE window doesn't auto scroll to display new messages

For example, when new bundles are created, I don’t see the new messages (e.g. Building JavaScript bundle: finished in XXXms), until I manually scroll to the bottom of the React Native Packager pane…

you need to scroll back to the bottom again for it to resume scrolling as new content comes in. if that doesn’t work, let us know more info like your operating system and how we can reproduce this

I am using Windows 7. Probably the latest XDE version (I am not sure how to check the version) and genymotion. Here is a diagnostics report in case it can help: https://exp-xde-diagnostics.s3.amazonaws.com/rahamin-3e874de8-1c63-49e9-9cbb-9dc7f32df361.tar.gz

I am not doing anything special. Updating my source files in atom, while the XDE window is showing new “Building JavaScript bundle” messages, which are displayed in the Packager pane, but in order to see the new messages I need to scroll manually. Same thing happens to other messages.

Same thing happens in the other (‘Google’) pane.

I made sure that when I start, the pane is scrolled to the bottom.

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