Expo shows its default message for componentDidCatch()?

I have setup a componentDidCatch at the root App.js of my app to show a special view and message if there is a problem. It appears that Expo ignores this and shows its own standard message page (typically name of app, the error, and a Try again link which reloads the app). Is this intentional or am I doing something wrong. I would very much prefer to show my own message.

Hey @ericjames,

Unfortunately you will not be able to override the Expo error screen in a standard, managed Expo project.


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  • Does Expo allow calls to happen in componentDidCatch? I have a GA exception reporting fetch that appears to work since I am seeing some records, but I don’t think it is happening all the time.

  • Would Expo be willing to share crash analytics for developers so we know whats up?

  • Last question, does a memory limit warning cause Expo to reload the app? I’m seeing when I push the limits of the app, it reloads itself automatically.

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