Expo XDE and Expo Client Problem Running Requested App

This morning I went to run my app on the expo client using the XDE and I got an error I have not seen before on my client.

On the XDE there seems to be no errors and it states that the tunnel is connected. When I switch to using a lan connection and share the link with a text message to my phone and try to load it I get this:

On previous errors where I could not run my app I was able to uninstall the XDE and reinstall it and have the issue go away. This time when I tried that nothing changed. The app was running fine last night on a different network. The only things I changed between now and then was some of the styling. To me this error message seems to be indicating more of an issue with the XDE or client rather than my code but I am not sure what else to try to fix it. Any help would be appreciated since I have no idea what caused this issue. If any additional information is needed to help me identify where this issue is coming from please just let me know.

replied in github issue https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/1716

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