Setting up Expo/XDE for the first time

I’m trying to use expo and the XDE client on Ubuntu but I cannot load the app on a real Android device.
I have downloaded the Android client, but each time I connect through QR code, the app on my phone gets stuck on the expo logo. Shaking the device brings the menu, but otherwise the screen showing is just the logo.

I have used both CRNA and expo build packs but each have the same problem - just the logo. The XDE client also shows that no devices are connected.

How do I get expo/XDE working for me?
Does my physical device need to be connected to my machine, or is being on the same network good enough?

Being on the same network is good enough if your XDE is serving a tunnel or a LAN url. One way you can troubleshoot is to try opening your app’s url in the device’s normal web browser. If it can’t connect, neither can Expo.

You might also double check whether your project is using the <AppLoading /> component in a way that might never unmount the component.

I haven’t made any changes to the initial app that is created using Expo/CRNA so I don’t think it could be due to a component.

If I open the app’s url on my phone’s browser I get a json object - which, I gather, is the expected result.
However, I’m still not able to get the app to work on the Expo client.

The only other response I get is if the debugger tab has not loaded which gives me an error page. When the debugger page loads (and gets stuck at Status: Waiting..., I can reload the page on the Expo app but it still gets stuck on the logo.

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