Expo Sentry not logging any events

I’m following these docs to set up Sentry within my new Expo application. However, when I throw an error on purpose nothing is ever logged to Sentry. I’m not getting any logs in my terminal about Sentry related things.

I’m using the following versions:

SDK: v47
sentry-expo: ~5.0.3
@sentry/react-native: 4.2.2

entrypoint - App.tsx:

import * as Sentry from "sentry-expo";

ENVIRONMENT === "production" &&
    dsn: SENTRY_DSN,
    debug: DEBUG,
    enableInExpoDevelopment: true,
    tracesSampleRate: 1

Any random file:

    try {
      throw new Error("Lol!");
    } catch (error) {

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