[expo-router]: Move "app" directory into "src/app"

I’m pumped to use the new app directory for expo-router now that v1 release candidate is out.

Taking a look at the the “expo-router/entry” file, I can see that the path to the app directory is being set using the process.env.EXPO_ROUTER_APP_ROOT environment variable.

  const ctx = require.context(process.env.EXPO_ROUTER_APP_ROOT);
  return <ExpoRoot context={ctx} />;

But for some reason I can’t override this environment variable. I’ve tried exporting it locally, using .env files and babel-plugin-inline-dotenv and even setting it in the npm script with EXPO_ROUTER_APP_ROOT=‘…/…/src/app’ expo start --clear

Has anyone found a way to make this work?

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