Is there something analogous to release-channel for development use?


I would like to pass an environment variable to my app via CLI, something like:
expo start --env.FOO=bar, something that would work analogous to
webpack-dev-server --env.FOO=bar. Is there some way I can achieve that? I looked into release-channels, but it seems that their purpose is only for release (as anyone could suspect based on name) but I couldn’t find any solution covering development builds.

I would much appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

I have just found an answer myself.

For anyone stumbling upon the same problem, the solution is to:

  1. Specify special app.json file (like app-foo.json)
  2. Inside app-foo.json define extra field containing your environment variables
  3. Run your app using expo start --config app-foo.json
  4. Get your extra fields inside an app using Expo.Constants.manifest.extra