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Hi there, I want to make a voice-to-text in expo react native, but when I tried react-native-voice (https://github.com/wenkesj/react-native-voice) I get an error, undefined is not an object(evaluating “Voice.startSpeech”). How to solve this error? Thank you.

please update the title to describe your issue and attach a minimal example of code that is causing your problem - you can use Snack for that.

Hey @yeng8600,

The reason you are getting that error is because that library requires you to make native code changes that are not possible with a standard Expo project. A good rule of thumb is that if the library requires you to make any manual configurations in the android/ios directories or run react-native link you will not be able to use the library with a standard Expo project. If you need to use such a library, you will have to eject and develop with ExpoKit.



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