expo publish - Request failed with status code 500

Getting the following error when trying to publish my project:

bash-3.2$ EXPO_DEBUG=true
bash-3.2$ expo publish
[14:08:25] Publishing to channel 'default'...
[14:08:27] Building iOS bundle
[14:08:27] Building Android bundle
[14:08:27] Analyzing assets
[14:08:31] Uploading assets
[14:08:36] No assets changed, skipped.
[14:08:36] Processing asset bundle patterns:
[14:08:36] - /Users/raphaelrk/Hangline/hangline-mobile/hangline/**/*
[14:08:36] Building sourcemaps
[14:08:37] Uploading JavaScript bundles
[14:08:40] Request failed with status code 500
[14:08:40] Set EXPO_DEBUG=true in your env to view the stack trace.

Also getting this error

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