[Expo Prebuild] How do I add a Localizable.strings file to an iOS project?


I want to migrate my react native application to expo prebuild + EAS.
I’ve managed to do almost everything, there’s just one problem left:
My application receives push notifications whose text is localized thanks to a Localizable.strings file.(Generating a remote notification | Apple Developer Documentation)

I haven’t found any example or documentation explaining how to ask expo to generate such a file. Is this possible? If not, what approach would you suggest in this situation?

Thank you very much.

Note: I’m writing an expo plugin that does this, using GitHub - apache/cordova-node-xcode: Apache cordova, but it’s really not a good experience to add files to an xCode project from a script :pensive:

I’d be curious to know how Expo users go about localizing iOS notifications!

Hi @developer.isdecision

I’m not sure if there’s a good answer. Something that might help is this:

Here’s a config plugin that makes use of it to add targets:

Also, there’s a channel on Expo’s Discord for questions about writing config plugins.

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Hello @wodin!

Thank you for your reply. I managed to make something that works with node-xcode (even though my Localizable.strings files appear as “Recovered references” in XCode…), but I’m interested in xcparse! I’ll port my work to xcparse if I have some time and the conversion is simple.
Thanks also for the example, and the info about the Discord server, that will be useful. :smile:

I’ll post a gist of my plugin on this forum, when it’s finished!

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