expo-permissions compileDebugKotlin failed

I have been working on expo app, Actually I wanted to implement apple and google pay so for that I ejected it but when ever i run react-native run-android i get this error.
ā†’ expo-permissions compileDebugKotlin failed

Hey @iamabdul.haseeb, can you please provide version numbers and are you building for a physical device or an emulator?


ext {
buildToolsVersion = ā€œ29.0.3ā€
minSdkVersion = 21
compileSdkVersion = 29
targetSdkVersion = 29
playServicesVersion = ā€œ16.0.0ā€
firebaseVersion = ā€œ16.0.0ā€
googlePlayServicesVersion = ā€œ16.0.0ā€
kotlinVersion = ā€œ1.4.10ā€

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