Expo on iOS simulator suddenly fails to start


I have never ran into any problems with running my Expo apps on a simulator before… but now suddenly the Expo app displays a message “There was a problem running Expo” instead of my app.

Expo SDK: 37.0.12

I have tried to:

  • reinstall the app on the simulator
  • deleted and reinstalled node modules
  • made sure I keep up to date versions of Expo
  • restarted the process several times
  • restarted bundler
  • cleared cache (expo start -c)
  • tried with other projects (even a fresh one)
  • even restarted my computer :wink:

I did however got it to build my app and run it once. But, now it doesn’t seem to work any longer.
I will attach a screenshot of the issue. Anyone ran into something similar?

On my Android emulator it works fine.

same as iOS Simulator preventAutoHide()

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Anyone has ideas regarding this issue? It still persists…