Expo Notifications: Update your apps to the latest Firebase Cloud Messaging APIs and SDKs

I just was wondering about this…

  • Expo Notifications
  • Build the custom client by EAS
  • Uploaded FCM Server Key to Service Credentials long time ago (Expo)

Do we need to worry or do something about this updates?

Update your apps to the latest Firebase Cloud Messaging APIs and SDKs

Starting June 20, 2024 the legacy Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) APIs will be discontinued.

On June 20, 2024, we’re reducing the number of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) legacy register APIs and legacy send APIs that provide similar functionality. This step will allow us to provide you with a more consistent experience and align with Google security standards to improve security, reliability and performance.

Because of these API decommissions, some already-deprecated SDKs and features will stop working after June 20, 2024.

Please consult the tables below to find which Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) APIs and corresponding services/SDKs/features will be discontinued and replaced with new alternatives.

Same question, I think we just need to wait for expo team to tell us what to do.

Worst case scenario in 2024 would need to use getDevicePushTokenAsync() instead of getExpoPushTokenAsync() and rewrite the way backend sends push-notifications

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