Expo Node.js push notifcation throwing error


So I’ve been developing using Expo for quiet some time and never really experienced any issues at all - really awesome job.

Today I wanted to implement your SDK for Node.js backend server for handling push notifications. Everything went smooth, but I have one issue.

It keep saying “expo.chunkPushNotificationReceiptIds is not a function”. I looked up the function in your SDK and it is there, but I am not able to get it from the NPM Expo-SDK.

Do you perhaps got some issues there or? The notification is sent to my device with no issue, but I cannot work with the response…

I followed the exact implementation as you state on your Github → https://github.com/expo/exponent-server-sdk-node.

Is it me, who are doing something wrong?

Have a nice evening,

Best Regards,

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Hey @frederikolesen,

Can you share a code snippet here or create a Snack https://snack.expo.io/? Even though you followed the implementation from the github repo, there is always a chance for a small, trivial error. It’s always helpful to provide code in any circumstance when asking for support!



I have the same error: chunkPushNotificationReceiptIds is not function, although it is clearly defined in the source code. When I remove this function and everything else below it, I get:

Error: Expected Exponent to respond with undefined receipts but got undefined
    at ExpoClient._callee2$

Hello Adam,

Thanks for getting back.

Here is a Snack. It is basically just entire c/p from your SDK node library with only 1 change; the pushtoken is defined as 1 instead of an array for test purpose. Rest is completely the same.

Just write if you need additional information.

Best Regards,
Frederik Olesen

I got the same error, in case it helps in troubleshooting, I found the method HERE

I’m experiencing the same error as OP. I basically copy/pasted the examples found at https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/push-notifications and https://github.com/expo/exponent-server-sdk-node

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