"ExponentPushToken[hidden]" is not a registered push notification recipient"

I’m currently trying to setup push notifications in my Expo app.
When using the push notification snack and https://exponent-push-server.herokuapp.com/tokens as my endpoint, the push notification works perfectly.
However, when I use Postman to send an HTTP/2 request or exponent-server-sdk-php, I receive the error message: ’ “ExponentPushToken[hidden]” is not a registered push notification recipient '.

What could be the cause of this and how would I go about solving it?

Thanks in advance!

Are you sending the same push token in both cases? Regardless of which server-side SDK you use, if you’re using the same token you shouldn’t get this error with one SDK but not another.

I suspect that specific tokens are not working for you because either the client hasn’t given permission to show notifications or you’re using a detached app or the device had trouble registering for notifications when the app launched (try force-quitting and relaunching it).

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

I’m using the token provided by running Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync();
Will review it tomorrow, to make sure it’s the same everywhere.

App is running in Expo on an Android device, which from my understanding should mean that permissions are handled at installation.