`expo-modules` not working in SKD4.1

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  1. SDK Version:4.1
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):iOS
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I use SKD4.1 because my the version of swift is 5.1 so i don’t can use SKD4.4 build.
I want to use Accelerometer in bare React Native app, I run npx install-expo-modules, result:

Expo modules minimum iOS requirement is 12.0. This tool will change your iOS deployment target to 12.0. Do you want to continue?

so can’t use Accelerometer in SKD4.1?

i just want to listen the event of shake. help me please!

Hey @yuanx, this is expected. Expo Modules support begins with SDK43 and onward so SDK41 will not work.

Hi @yuanx

I think you would need to install react-native-unimodules instead. See the instructions for SDK 41 (not 4.1) here:

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All right, but buying a new Macbook is not in my plan. :rofl:

First all, thank you for your help and correct SDK version description error.

I want to say, your gave me a great way, I install react-native-unimodules and expo-sensors then it works on the SDK41.

Thank you for your kind help again.

One possibility without buying a new Macbook would be to build your app on Expo’s build servers. Then you would not even need a Mac at all.

That sounds very good, I’m still exploring expo.

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