Vibration not working on iOS

In my project with Expo SDK 37, the main core of the app is the native Vibration api (Vibration.vibrate).
I know that iOS can’t handle an integer vibration pattern, so I made it as an array, [100].
Now, when I call Vibration.vibrate([100]), or even with the repeated version, Vibration.vibrate([100], true), that doesn’t seem to work, on iOS, while works on my Android device.
I don’t have an iOS device to test, but a week ago I asked to a friend of mine to test on his iPhone 6S my app with the Expo client, and vibration wasn’t working.

For what I can see, Appetize emulators can’t tell me in any way if the device is vibrating or not, even when runned in Expo snacks.
Also, I don’t own an iOS device, so, I can’t test iOS device perfectly and replicate it.

But, I had the crazy idea to activate Accelerometer on Expo snacks using expo-sensors, and, when runned on an Android device emulated with, Vibration.vibrate([100]) triggers the Accelerometer’s vibration; the same goes for my physical Android device; Appetize’s emulated iOS device, instead, doesn’t.
I can’t rely on this test and trust it 100%, but, anyway, that does seem to confirm that vibration doesn’t work on iOS devices.

Why though? Did I do something wrong? Maybe Vibration API is not accessible anymore on newer iOS versions?
Right now I’m testing it in a very, very, easy snack.

/* bla bla bla various imports */
import { Vibration, } from 'react-native';

export default class App extends React.Component {
  constructor() {

  makeVibration() {

  render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
        <TouchableHighlight onPress={this.makeVibration}>
          <Text style={styles.paragraph}>Press here to test vibration.</Text>

/* bla bla bla various styling */

Maybe can someone replicate it on his iOS device and test the snack? here it is, a simple fork of another old vibration testing snack.

Also, does anyone know a way I can test iOS vibration on an emulator, without owning a Mac or an iOS device? Appetize doesn’t seem to give relevant informations about vibration.

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