EXPO Location - Required Always for tracking when app not in foreground

When you look at apps like Strave or any other tracking apps. they don’t require “Always” permission in order to get Location while ap is not in Foreground? How come this is not possible in Expo apps?

or how can these apps do that with “App in use” permission ?

Hey @tknuts,

The requirement as per Expo document states to use “Always” for Background and Geofencing methods only for iOS. Also, Apple’s documentation explicitly defines the reason to use “Always”: Apple Developer Documentation

For Android it is possible to use “While in use” app permission for task running in background. You can check out the example here: TaskManager - Expo Documentation and try running it in an Android emulator for by clicking the Snack button on the example.

The funny thing is that I can actually background track in ios with “App in use”, but not on Android.

Can you please share a minimal reproducible example so I can view what could be the underlying issue?

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