Expo iOS Location Permissions "Always" missing in iOS settings

Expo sdkVersion: 32.0.0,
iPhone 7
iOS 12.2

While developing through the Expo app on my iPhone 7, I am not able to choose “Always” for location permissions from the popup that asks me for permissions or from the iOS device settings > Expo > Location area. I only get the “When In Use” option.

When I build a standalone with the correct Info.plist entries through app.json, and it seems to work correctly. The popup asks me to Allow, and then when I select “Allow” it sets it to “Always”. And when I go to iOS device settings > My App > Location I can see and select “Always” option.

This seems to be a recent thing with the Expo app on my iPhone, as I was able to select “Always” during development before.

Now I am unable to develop the background location tracking without having to do a full build, upload to testflight, and wait for testflight processing before I can test each code change. Big productivity loss :frowning:



I’m noticing in this blog post there is a section that says " Background location removed from iOS client". Updated Expo client available on App Store and Play Store | by Brent Vatne | Exposition

Is this just a temporary thing, or permanent??

Going forward from May 31 2019, does background location tracking now require to install a custom expo client as per directions in the link below??

Hi! Sorry, totally understand this being a productivity loss :frowning:

For now, yeah installing a custom Expo iOS client is the best workaround. I don’t believe this is permanent, but cant make any promises

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Thanks, @charliecruzan.

I really enjoy using Expo, and I understand sometimes things must be done in the name of progress/etc.

May I ask, what was the reason for this change?

Really happy to hear you’re enjoying Expo! :smile:

Basically- we had to remove that functionality to comply with App Store guidelines. (I should mention that the Android Expo Client will have the Background location functionality)

@charliecruzan Just wanted to give you an update,

the custom built expo client (built from following the instructions at https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/adhoc-builds) is working properly on my iOS device.



Awesome!! Thanks for letting me know

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