Expo LocalAuthentication returns "app_cancel" error

I am trying to integrate Fingerprint Authentication for Login into our Expo app. I am currently getting an issue on Android where after calling authenticateAsync for a 2nd time (for instance after the user has logged out, and wants to log back in without having closed the app) I am returned the following error:

  "error": "app_cancel",
  "success": false,

This happens immediately after the function is called without the user getting a chance to actually attempt an Authentication. I’ve noticed someone else posted about this on the forums but never actually got an answer, has anyone solved this?


EDIT: I’ve created a Snack that shows the issue, it is slightly different as the issue happens in my app after navigating away from the Authentication View and navigating back, but in the Snack the issue happens after a few times of Authenticating and Reauthenticating.

Currently using a Galaxy Note 8 on Android 9.0 Pie

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Same happens for me, devices which I’ve used - Honor 10, Samsung A50

why is it like this??? any solution?

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