Expo LocalAuthentication returns “app_cancel” error


I’m getting the exact error stated Expo LocalAuthentication returns "app_cancel" error with clear instructions and a snack to reproduce. The thread is closed due to inactivity but this is an issue that is causing problems for multiple people so I’d really appreciate some help on finding out how to get around it.

I am trying to integrate Fingerprint Authentication for Login into our Expo app. I am currently getting an issue on Android where after calling authenticateAsync for a 2nd time (for instance after the user has logged out, and wants to log back in without having closed the app) I am returned the following error:

  "error": "app_cancel",
  "success": false,

Thanks in advance

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make this clearer, but it is still happening

Hey @socryp,

Sorry that we haven’t been able to resolve this issue for you yet. Could you please open up a Github Issue for this and provide the reproducible Snack you mentioned?

Additionally, if you can provide any further information such as if this is occurring on the latest SDK version (38) or multiple versions?


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