Expo issues with npm scripts.

So when I try to run expo from npm scripts like

npm run start which is nothing but expo start

I get this error.

This command requires Expo CLI.
Do you want to install it globally [Y/n]?

My expo is already installed globally and “expo start” works fine but I want to use via npm.

So I had to remove the expo and expo.cmd from node_modules/.bin to force it to use global one

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Hey @xbsdeset,

Can you fill out this issue template regarding the expo cli? https://github.com/expo/expo-cli/issues/new

It’ll really help us help you out.



Hi @xbsdeset Using ’ exp start ’ command to run the project not expo start.
Install expo globaly and locally.
if you get again this error, please share error screen , app.json and package.json

I am sure exp has changed to expo for the latest versions.
I will file a bug for expo cli.

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