Expo init is not working

Expo init is not working on my pc how do i fix it

Hi @phantom1245, can you share more details? As to, what do you get in your terminal app when you run expo init command?

There are a couple of things you need to make sure of:

  • Node.js version installed on your development machine is between 12 to16 (LTS)
  • Have installed the latest version of expo-cli
  • Use npx create-expo-app my-app command instead of expo init to create a new Expo app. We have changed this recently and you can find more details about it here: Create a new app - Expo Documentation
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I don’t think node 12 is supported any more. Rather use node 16.


You are right, it isn’t. My bad. Sorry about that. Originally I meant to say 14 to 16.


My node version is 16.15.1
And my expo cli version is 5.4.12

did not work and i have the latest version of node and expo-cli

see this also

You do not have to install expo-template-blank@latest package directly.

Found a similar issue in our GitHub that might have the help you: Could not get npm url for package "expo-template-blank" · Issue #4244 · expo/expo-cli · GitHub

It looks like you have a package.json, package-lock.json and node_modules in your home directory. You should get rid of those or move them elsewhere.

It’s weird that npm could apparently not find expo-template-blank@latest when called from expo init or create-expo-app, even though it could when you ran npm install expo-template-blank@latest. I’m not sure how that’s possible, other than if you were very unlucky to have intermittent network issues only when running expo init/create-expo-app :sweat_smile:

Or maybe somehow it’s a different instance of npm that’s running in both cases (which seems unlikely).

I am not at all confident that the following will work, but can you try:

npm create expo-app chop-chop


yarn create expo-app chop-chop

Those basically call create-expo-app, but maybe by explicitly calling npm yourself (or yarn) it will have different behaviour. Just a guess.

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