Exp init not working

Command: exp init

OS - Windows 10
Terminal - Bash on windows
Node: 6.11.5
NPM: 3.10.10

It might be the case that things didn’t download completely, are you on a weak internet connection?

@edgar I was on 6.2 Mbps of download speed, I believe this should be decent enough to perform the task. Any other possible solution to this? as I tried multiple times.

hey there!

if you’re unable to create the project using exp init that indeed might be an issue with the speed and/or stability of internet connection.

you can download the blank template here: https://d306o6r76fnu7o.cloudfront.net/blank-22.2.0.tar.gz and then extract it wherever you like, it has the same effect as running exp init, hope that helps! if it does, let me know. we re-wrote how we handled file downloads and that should land in our next release, hopefully making it more resilient against less than ideal network conditions

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@notbrent thank you this was helpful. Looking forward to the next release.


the latest version removes timeout

@notbrent Great. Thanks. Enjoying my experience with the expo sdk and the team.

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