Expo IDE linux editor Issue

I have just installed linux IDE version of Expo .everything goes fine and working except one thing.
I have created a project and as shown in intro video i tried to look for edit option but in my case i don’t know what happen there is only three option are showing
1)New Project
2)Open Project
3)Close Project

So please let me know if there anything special need to be done.

Are you asking about the “Open in Editor” option?

This option is displayed only on macOS and just opens your text editor. XDE does not come with a special editor. On other operating systems you should open your project source code in whatever editor you like.

I was so much confused with that option but now it clear to me.
I will use editor of my choice.
Thanks you very very much

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First day, I expected a local IDE like snack, with components, flow and ESLint. :slight_smile:

VS Code with react native and flow extensions is a good (and free) start on Win10.

That video is a catastrophe. The narrator talks too fast and it simply blurs everything out confusing the hell out of newbies.

It is not like ppl have many choices to try to convince them. Everybody say “try expo”.

What is realy needed is a video that goes slowly step by step over the basics.

Like I need more confusion and complexity in my life as it is. I wonder how difficult it is to give simple instructions on how xde works? Hype and overstimulation all over the place…

@alexandros84 one of the first links in our docs is this: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/introduction/xde-tour.html

Sorry the video was so confusing for you!

The only reason I am nagging is that this seems to be an amazing piece of software with a really unecessarily confusing documentation. People tend to be overwhelmed when try new things you dont have to flood them with so much info. What I personally would like to see is a ‘for-dummies’ guide. Step 1, step 2 clearly explained. we do this because of that… end of story.

Sorry for being a bit naggy I just share my feelings.

For example lets take the link you share here: where exactly is the place I should go when I am landing? Is it the xde tour, is it the installation, is it the snack option (I still dont know what this is for), is it the quick guide? What ppl need is a big button that says start here and clear explanations on what is doing what.

Everything seems to be like is organized by a person with a lot of knowledge without a lot of focus.

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Ok, if you have better ideas about how to organized the docs can you send a PR?

I would actually love to contribute (I ve never done it before). Obviously my criticism is not on the programming side of the equation but on how content is actually communicated/marketed. Do you really think I should send a PR on github about that?

Yes you should definitely send a PR if you have ideas for the docs!