Change default Editor on mac os to VS Code


I would like to change the default editor that is opened up when I select “Open in Editor” from XDE. I have both Atom and VSCode installed on my Mac and actually the command opens Atom. I would like to switch to VSCode. I could not find any configuration setting in XDE to change this behaviour. Am I missing something?

thank you in advance


you can set your EXPO_EDITOR environment variable and it will try to use that.
here is some of the relevant code if you’re interested.


You’ll want to set it to "Visual Studio Code"

Thank you @ccheever!

Actually I am able to start my preferred editor only if after I set the env variable I manually start Expo XDE from the command line, in the same session I have set the env variable.
I have tried to set the variable into my .bash_profile, but it’s not read if I start Expo XDE from its icon.

Where do you suggest to set this env variable?

thank you

hey @acaland , you’ll want to edit /etc/launchd.conf to make the env vars available to GUI processes. afaik, .bash_profile is only run when you start a terminal under your user account.

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