[Expo Go working vs Expo SDK not working] with tensorflowjs on android

Hello fellow devs, we are trying to figure out what the difference between Expo Go and React-native init with Expo sdk project is.
We have a expo go tensorflow project that works https://github.com/tensorflow/tfjs-examples/tree/master/react-native/pose-detection
but a React-native init project with expo sdk GitHub - sarons/TensorCameraBug: Repo to recreate Tensor camera bug that doesn’t

I have tried downgrading, upgrading to no avail. One difference I found was how the app is registered registerRootComponent vs registerComponent

But I can’t use registerRootComponent since it hardcodes app name to ‘main’. I’m guess there must be more difference too.

Can someone shed some light on this? More details of the issue here cameraWithTensors Error: Argument 'x' passed to 'cast' must be a Tensor or TensorLike, but got 'Tensor' · Issue #5972 · tensorflow/tfjs · GitHub


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