Expo gives up too easily when downloading files for new project

I am currently in Jakarta Indonesia, and the Expo “create new project” tool is giving up too easily. Right from the start it’s asking me to restart the download - and after 10%-14% is complete, it goes back to the start and complains that the download had failed.

The thing is - it was downloading everything - it was just doing it extremely slowly ! the internet connection here is not so fast, and we are a long way from the US, but it works fine. Just gotta be patient that’s all. I reckon in an hour or two it would be done.

I will try downloading the files manually, but that’s not really the point. I see this as a bug. If the app is seeing data coming in, it should not give up prematurely on the download. Not everyone is sitting close to an Amazon region or a CDN endpoint. Just gotta be patient…

Hello! Thanks for reporting the issue. We are not actually cancelling the download at any point in time, but we do however have issues with request, the library we are using for requests. On slower connections, it is sometimes unreliable and throwing an error, therefore cancelling the download.

To fix the issue, we are working on transitioning from request to axios, and it should be ready pretty soon. You can follow our progress here -> https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/179