Expo Fingerprint fallback to passcode

I’m currently using the Expo’s Fingerprint library and it is working well at verifying fingerprints. The issue I seem to be having is when the fingerprint is incorrectly entered, the option to enter the password is displayed but clicking it just closes the modal. Does anyone have an example of how to use the fallback feature?


hi @doubleupdan, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. This sounds like a bug. If you can make a toy snack at snack.expo.io to reproduce the issue and create a github issue with the snack, that’d be awesome.

Hi @quinlanj. There is already a pull request on GitHub to fix it actually, and it seems like it can be automatically merged, https://github.com/expo/expo/pull/1298.

Will create the snack and upload today.

Thanks, Dan

This is the link to the snack. https://snack.expo.io/HkAazjfOz

Hey @doubleupdan - thanks for the snack and for reminding us about that PR! We’re currently waiting for the PR author to address @notbrent 's comment before we merge it in.

Since the author doesn’t seem to be responding, if you want to take it over and open a new PR with the suggested change, we’d certainly welcome that.

Sorry we don’t have a better answer for you. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon!

Hi Esamelson, indeed it would be cool to for me to make my first contribution to the community. I’m not entirely sure what @notbrent meant with his comment. Perhaps he can share some more information, does he mean there should be a flag for developers to decide if they want to implement their own custom fallback? Thanks and looking forward to hear your response, Daniel

My interpretation is that he wanted a flag to let developers decide whether or not to fallback to passcode (essentially deciding whether or not to use the PR). A custom fallback would be great, too, but would probably be more complicated to implement.

@notbrent - could you clarify?

Ok yes I agree that would be useful. Will look into it when I have some time :slight_smile:

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