Fingerprint.authenticateAsync crashing / no faceid

Greetings Exporians,

I’ve had great success with the Fingerprint api until ecently. Either the 28.0.0 client upgrade and/or my new iphone x (replacement device) is causing problems.

The first symptom was the iphone expo client application crashing (black screen, then return to desktop) when the Fingerprint.authenticateAsync() was called. I upgraded my sdk version to 28.0.0 (and the react-native and the expo in my package.json) - and rebuilt to try again. Now it appears that when Fingerprint.authenticateAsync() is called, I get a white screen prompting for the device passcode - but no FaceID.

Is anyone else experiencing this? The latter can be seen with a brand-new expo project that just shows a button that calls Fingerprint.authenticateAsync().

expo: 28.0.0
app.json[expo.sdkVersion] = 28.0.0

iOS: 11.4
iPhone X

Is anyone else seeing this?



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Hi @yarrumretep - I’ve responded on the github issue. We’re tracking the issue and we’ll try to have a fix available soon. Thanks for the report.

Hi, we’re experiencing the same identical issue (btw I <3 you for opening this), do you have a link to the github issue? Thanks!

Here’s the github issue:

Hey, I found the solution, I added it in the github issue

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