Expo Client - Memory Usage

First of all, thank you for the Expo team for supporting and providing this amazing tool that helps developers to build app easily and fastly.

I have a question about memory usage of Expo Client program.

Initially, my first project was finished last year, and that time Expo client worked perfectly.
Now, I started new project much lighter than before, but it lags too much, and my system monitor keeps warning that Expo client is using too much memory space. I am using Macbook pro 15 - 2017, and I think I have enough memory for running this program.

If there is something wrong with my app or other stuff, please help me out to make it better.

Or, is there any way to reduce memory space by optimizing the performance of Expo?

Thank you in advance,

Are you asking about memory usage of the mobile application or one of the developer tools that run on your computer?

Actually, I think the app which I built is lighter than previously developed one.
After updating Expo client, it uses more memory than before. I just wonder that are there some ways to reduce or optimize memory usage of Expo client.

Hmm, still not sure if you’re referring to something on your computer or the phone. If it is the phone, as a first pass I might look into any assets you are displaying and make sure that they are optimized.

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