How do i reduce App Size

Hey Team, i just started using Expo a few days ago, Pretty good work i must say. I updated an existing RN app to use Expo, had to change a few stylings here and there. Anyways i built android apk, and the size of the apk was about 29.4MB compared to the 8.1MB i got when i build before when the project wasnt using Expo.

Installing the app in the settings>App the app takes up about 100MB, compared to the 24MB it did before. My assets take up about less than 2MB in total. I really need to reduce my size because my end users are people who really don’t have that much space on their phones.

Any good suggestions on how to reduce this will be much help. Thanks.


Not a solution, just an FYI -

See the section about app size.

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Thank you thank you, this helped a lot, I guess i might just have to come back to Expo later.